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At Datamail we work with all our clients to ensure the best possible discounts are achieved, which means you either save money or mail more!


Data is our thing (as part of out name!) and the more we can make your data work for you - the greater discounts you can attract. We can clean and enhance it to make sure you comply with GDPR, and Royal Mail's Postal Address File. We can then process the data further, using more sophisticated software, add a barcode for you and you can qualify for Mailmark postage - making your life simpler.


The same applies if you are kinder to the planet when producing your mailings, such as using accredited print and paper sources or home compostable packaging, which we can advise on for you. 

YES! There are quite a few hoops to jump through, but we've done it all before and can do it all for you also. 


If you think you would benefit from a quick chat with one of our Direct Mail professionals, Call us or drop us an email with your best contact number and we'll  be sure to be in touch. We'll also send you the tea to drink using your coaster!


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