Our Environment

At Datamail we are passionate about the environment and the Earth we all inhabit and work to ISO14001 (Environment Management) standard, as well as the DMA code of practice.

We ensure that we can offer you, our clients, the option of a fully sustainable mailing, including unwrapped mailings, recyclable and compostable films, made using potato starch, which complies with the European standard EN13432, Inkjet addressing inks, using vegetable dyes and all PEFC paper products.

We have invested in the latest data cleansing software, so that we can help you, our clients, reduce waste (and costs) from the onset by ensuring your data is fully cleansed and so avoids duplication or the return of unwanted mail.

As a business, and industry, we embrace the concept of environmental awareness and care for our planet in our processes and approach to our working practices.

We encourage our staff to


To be aware of potential impacts on the environmental as a result of their own actions. We offer incentives to encourage our staff to share transport wherever possible and walk or cycle to work. We even have a member of staff who cycles over 9 miles (not every day I may add!!) to work.

We have an ongoing replacement policy for our lighting as well as motion sensors on certain lighting, so they are not inadvertently left on when on-one is around. As well as being aware of heating levels and water usage (whilst being compliant with Covid requirements). As well as all waste being compacted and recycled or shredded (within full GDPR compliance also).

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