Data Handling

At Datamail we have over 30 years experience of data management, we know the most important part of any campaign is identification and accuracy of the data.

We can help you achieve this with a combination of software and knowledge to give you confidence and insight into your data to improve:

  • Targeting
  • Distribution Costs
  • Professionalism
  • Compliance with GDPR

Our address hygiene and cleansing services include the following services, but would work with you to you audit your data fully, at no cost, asses the results and then decide which options will work for you, your campaign and your ROI:

  • Mailing returns or suppression management
  • Merge/dedupe facilities & suppression matching
  • Matching to Post Office Address File for cleaning and postage discounts
  • Matching to all preference services
  • Address validation
  • Bereavement and Gone Away match

Let us help you improve your data with many data enhancement services for both consumer and business data, whether this is lifestyle analysis or matching against companies house.

As part of our GDPR compliance data security is key to all our processes. All data is securely held and managed. Our management of Information Security systems include all aspects of working with data including;

  • Human Resources
  • Asset Management
  • Access Control & Cryptography
  • Physical Security; physical, operational & communications
  • Supplier Relationships
  • Incident Management & Business Continuity

Give us a call, lets start with a data audit and see how we can improve your campaign and save you money.

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