Direct Mail

Direct Mail is very much still a modern part of the marketing mix, and holds attention better than other mediums. Many studies are commissioned to highlight this how it stands on its own as well as amplifying other channels.

To explore what this level of attention means for brands, Royal Mail Marketreach* commissioned researchers at Neuro-Insight to uncover what happens in a consumer’s brain when they receive and interact with physical and digital media.

The key metric in the study was long term memory encoding: a measure of the strength of what is stored into memory as people experience a stimulus. This measure has been shown to influence decision-making and purchase intent, and is therefore both an enabler and a predictor of likely future action.

The study also measured engagement: an indication of how involved people are with the stimulus they are experiencing. Engagement drives memory encoding, we all know that is something feels personally relevant, the brain is more likely to put it into memory and we are more likely to remember it!

Their insights revealed that mail is:

  • 49% more memorable than email
  • 35% more memorable than social media advertising
  • 33% more engaging than email
  • 35% more engaging than social media advertising

*Marketreach is the marketing authority on commercial mail. They help us at Datamail by providing evidence of mail’s effectiveness. In a digital age, mail is changing fast and they provide us with the latest innovations and research.

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