Response handling, fulfilment and door to door distribution

If you need to respond every time a customer or prospect needs you to send out literature in a timely and appropriate manner, let us handle that request for you.

By fulfilling your customer’s request, with the correct information, in an agreed time-frame you reinforce and improve your reputation.

Datamail can offer this service for you as we understand the challenges you face in applying staff and resources to a campaign where the level of response is unknown, or variable.
We understand the difficulties you may have in distributing cost-effectively and to schedule, particularly when responses are low.

Datamail offer full response handling fulfilment.
We carry out many organisations’ campaigns, whether a call to action as a result of a marketing campaign, to regular anniversary reminders and mailings. Our services include:

  • Full Stock control systems and reporting
  • Warehousing
  • Postage management
  • Full Despatch reporting
  • Same day service
  • Access to full postal discounts
  • Secure areas & CCTV

Door to door distribution is a cost-effective way of distributing your message without using personal data, we well as providing print and preparation services we can also help you identify what kinds of people or postcodes you need to target.

Similarly, Partially Addressed mail enables cost-effective acquisition and distribution without the use of personal data by targeting households using geo-demographics and similar look-alike postcodes of your existing customers.

With over 30 years experience and dedicated in-house time served staff, we have the experience to make a difference for you.

Give us a call and we let us help.

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