As a channel, direct mail has huge advantages for marketers.

  • It offers flexibility, because the format and audience can be tweaked and targeted as needed.
  • You can pinpoint the exact people you want to target using your own valuable first party data, reducing waste and cost.
  • And it provides exceptional creative possibilities, making it the perfect format for telling engaging one-to-one stories.

Direct mail excels at building customer relationships. It becomes part of the home and is engaged with 4.2 times on average. 45% of direct mail stays in households for a month or more. So it’s not surprising that it drives further activity.

31% of direct mail leads to commercial actions, whether that’s purchasing, going online or visiting a store.

Keeping your house in order is good for any business generally, but when it comes to your client or audience data this is essential. Having correct and current data will open up postage products and services which carry the greatest discounts and a better ROI.

Every year, about 6.7 million people in the UK change address. That accounts for around 11% of the UK population.

Sadly about 600,000 people die each year.

So it is easy to see that the quality of any data will naturally decay over a relatively short space of time.

We want to help you get the best from your data.

At Datamail we can offer you a completely free data audit service for files of over 5000 records. At no charge or commitment, we can check your data against a number of different criteria and report to you where improvements can be made.

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